Learn Why Testosterone Is So Important For A Man

Testosterone is a hormone that is found in both men and women, but men are typically defined as a gender by physical characteristics that themselves are generated from having optimal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone production has its genesis in the testes and having too much or too little can have very profound and negative impacts on a man. Testosterone production surges during teenage years, peaking in the person’s twenties before starting a long decline after. This reminds me of a website https://www.mejorsaludya.com/ where you can find awesome advice for men and how to improve your general health for good. Keeping optimal testosterone levels are critical for a man, as listed and evidenced by the following list:

1) Testosterone possibly fights depression off: Research has found out that low levels of testosterone have a demonstrated link with clinical depression. Research figures have yet to determine if depression suppresses testosterone or if low testosterone engenders depression, but early studies seem to indicate that testosterone treatment helps improve feelings and moods of depression.

2) Testosterone means less bodily fat: The hormone of testosterone serves a critical role in the body’s ability to regulate things like fat metabolism, insulin, and glucose. As levels of testosterone drop, fatty or adipose tissue starts to accumulate. The cycle compounds on itself as because fatty tissue turns the remaining testosterone into estrogen, further diminishing the testosterone supply.

3) Muscle mass is boosted by testosterone: This is certainly not a secret, and not all that surprising considering that fat cells and tissue produce the opposite of estrogen. High levels of testosterone alone are not enough to make someone bulk up, but it does provide the body the right biochemistry to turn protein into lean muscle mass while body fat decreases.

4) Testosterone means a stronger heart in some cases: Research on this is actually divided. There is serious science that suggests high level so testosterone carry a heightened risk of heart disease with them. However, men with testosterone levels that are too low are likewise at risk. It seems that finding, establishing, and maintaining an appropriate level of testosterone is the key to moderation here.

5) Bones are stronger thanks to testosterone: Osteoporosis is often thought of as a woman’s issue, but this bone-weakening ailment can afflict men too. Testosterone levels, when optimal, increase bone density through mineralization while simultaneously decreasing bone resorption. Keeping testosterone levels sufficient through adult life can mean much stronger elderly bones.

6) Testosterone means a good sex life: Since testosterone is a basic sex hormone, it should come as no shock that erectile dysfunction and low libido are both early signals of low testosterone that men often notice.

7) Testosterone can reduce your odds of Alzheimer’s Disease while boosting your cognitive ability: This has been statistically suggested, but the research is ongoing, so the direct effects are not a given in all cases. In any event, men with optimal levels of testosterone seem to have fair healthier gray matter, so muscles aren’t the only things testosterone helps out.

8) Testosterone has psychological and emotional benefits: Men rely on this hormone for a desire to compete, a need to be dominant, confidence to initiate romance with a woman, and even raise the tolerance for taking risks. Many of these traits, when overdone, can certainly result in very bad things. On the other hand, living with any of them can leave a man helpless to deal with life in general.

Women need optimal levels of testosterone just like men, and for many of these same reasons. However, they should never have their testosterone levels go over their estrogen levels, lest it wreak havoc in their bodies. Individuals of either gender should see their doctor if they want their testosterone levels monitored for adjustment.