Legal steroids: Steroid and Athletes


When people train, it takes a lot of effort in order to reach a certain goal where you can have an edge when it come to competition. However even with hours of training everyday for weeks, the results could be slow, inconsistent or even both. That’s why sometime athletes opt for steroids. Anabolic and androgenic steroids are chemical compounds that act like or with the testosterone in the body to increase muscle growth, development and maintenance of the muscles. The idea here with use of steroids is to increase the amount of muscle that is in the body and at the same time lower the body fat. This reduces the amount of time it would have taken to build all those muscles and at the same time increase certainty of the results. Doesn’t sound complicated now, or does it

   The balance between legal and illegal steroids

While in the business of being the best competitor in the field, people tend to get greedy and decide to cheat. The basics of steroids have been explained. However you may find an athlete that wants to push the capability of his body metabolism and reaction chemically through steroids in order to gain even more advantage to the other competitors. This leads to the use of illegal steroids to achieve this. The international Olympic committee, the IAAF, FIFA and other sports governing bodies have all set conditions, regulations and requirements in order to create a level playing field for all sportsmen and sportswomen to compete on a fair ground.

Body enhancing steroids are illegal for the sake of both the sports And the individual that is using them. While in the process of pushing one’s self, the health effects are just tremendous. It leads to complications later in one’s years.

There are many questions when it comes to steroid use and one of them are:how to take dianabol safely and there as some good sources that provide this info lik Micheal from Muscle Info Zone.

Legal steroids however work to increase the ability to grow muscles, then the individual works on how to push those muscles to have strength, speed and agility. This means in the end, its all about the athlete’s hardworking and the steroids just helps him overcome the physical challenge like being skinny.

The biology of legal steroids.

While legal steroids don’t actually work at getting the athlete to be more powerful, it works as a supplement. Starting with normal testosterone that is produced by the body ( in both male and female body), the ability to grow muscles and organs lies on it. However the body may be producing less that you need, prompting slow growth of the muscles even after you work out and spend time making your body exercise. The anabolic and androgenic steroids work to supplement the testosterone. The androgen moves to increase productivity of an athlete’s workout and essentially helping him grow fast. The issue of strength of the body doesn’t lie on legal steroids. This is the border of the legality of the steroids and you ending up in a federal prison.

Prescription for athletes

This is an issue that lies on trainers of the athlete and the sport’s body in question. They are the ones with the knowledge about regulations. The most general  and free advice is to never self medicate. It should always come from trained professionals who monitor and advice on the issue. Else you could end up with the likes of Neil Armstrong or the famous disgraced Olympians who have fallen victims of the vice.